Reflection #3

I thought project 3 was very interesting because it reminded of something that could come from one of those reality TV shows. But for the first part of project 3 was too create a fictional letterform that would fit with the classification of a modern typeface. The modern typeface I choose was Didot because I loved the name of it and I thought it’ll be something different to do versus from doing old style from project 2. At first, I was a little nervous because creating something that goes with something is kind of hard to do. To me it’s like creating a sequel to a popular movie or something. So my process was to look at the font Didot to sketch out different ideas and find different parts of the anatomy that interested me of creating this new letter. Once I had 30 sketches for the critique and the people that was in group had saw what I had I took note to some of the input and what work for some. After that I pick about six or so fictional letters to refine them by printing out the alphabet in Didot and tracing over each part with tracing paper and scanned them to the computer. I tried my best in setting up my partner with enough information for them in trying to complete my project.

Once I started doing the other project I was very nervous because I’m trying to bring my partners vision to life but once my partner and I talked about it I was very confident in finishing the project. So my process was to look up both words and try to communicate the meaning though the word and I think I was effective in doing so with the stuff he provided and talking with him. Some of the stuff I would different is with the craft side of things because once I printed it out the ink or toner seemed to be out or something because I printed out multiple copies and it was the same result. So I wish I would have went to Kinkos to print them out. Plus another issues is cutting the board so I wish I would of cut the board better because I love how everything came out minus the board being cut that way. So I need to be better when it come to crafting things out.


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