Some Work from Project #2

3_2 R_1Mannerism 4_mannerism


2 thoughts on “Some Work from Project #2

  1. Your interpretation of royal was pretty spot on. Although it was hard to guess what word you were expressing initially, once you explained it, it made complete sense. The color scheme really helped emphasize that idea. Although I really think you could have achieved the same idea with a “less is more” approach in that eliminating the “r” and whatever that weird “o” like glyph is. The color scheme on the “r” one, the pink/yellow/green is also super cool. Very happy feeling and pleasing to the eye (or my eye at least). Would have liked to see your interpretation of wise as well as the other expression compositions from the rest of the class. 🙂


    1. Thanks Melissa! that’s what i was going for with the color scheme. The reason i put the “r” in the part 3 composition is just because royal begins with “r”. But agree with you I should’ve did the “less is more approach. But yeah I think the “R” composition for part 2 is favorite one I did because I just love the colors L.O.L.


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