Reflection #2

For project 2 I was so excited but nervous at the same time wondering about the details needed to complete on the project. So when I knew it was going be multiple parts I knew it was going be a lot of work to do for this second project. At first, I felt discourage with making the template for the project because with me it very hard to follow the guilds and rulers. But luckily I think I managed doing the template decent enough to go forward with the project. So basically my process for part 1 was to do a pattern in each of my type family to make the letters seem more unique. And I think selecting the glyphs help what I was trying communicate because Garamond’s glyphs are very unique and cool. With part 2 I wanted my design to be simple and give me and the viewer of what I was trying to emphasize with the four different letters I chose.  Also I must say that the charette I did in really did help my process with part 3 on trying to communicate my two descriptive without spelling or drawing my word.

To be honest I was drawing blanks on how am I supposed to do this because the words that I pick was kind of hard to communicate. But that charrette certainly opened my mind up with the words royal and wise. At the clique it was very amazing seeing everyone work out there with the covers that had that professionalism to the booklet. I thought project was pretty good in the way of learning about the different type families and how even though that they are in the same family each one of them are placed on the sheet of paper. I think what I would’ve done differently is have better use of time management in dealing with the project because I felt like I was behind trying to be on the same part as everyone. Also with one of my designs there was a problem with the white in the design that went off the page I should’ve done something to prevent that from happening. But I think I tried my hardest in doing this project it was very fun to do.


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