Reflection Project #1


When I first known about this group scavenger hunt for my first project in typography I wasn’t too fond of it to be honest. Personally I don’t like group projects because I want to depend on myself wither I receive a passing or failing grade at least I know that it’s on me. Plus the idea of going out in the world finding different letter of the alphabet seemed to be kind of difficult at first. But once my group came together and decided on the idea of just going out taking as many picture of letters that we can find. I found that it won’t be as hard as I imagined it to be and during the first meeting we spit up the letter so we all could have a fair share of finding the letters. Plus it took some of the pressure of if someone couldn’t find a certain letter someone else in the group could have it with the picture they took. I mainly just took pictures of everything I could find that looks like a letter from walking to and from my car, when I was working, and even at home. I just tried to do my best on this project. It was kind of cool that my group made a dropbox because if one of us found a letter randomly we can just send it to the dropbox so we all can see that letter. The one thing I wish I would’ve did was help edit the photos because I wanted to do more and I just felt that all I did was take photos. But seeing our group final product at the clique was wonderful seeing all the letters coming together to form something unique was amazing. This project certainly change my view on what a group project is and this project was certainly unique from any class I ever had.

-Rob Savage


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