Historical:Herbert Bayer

I did some research on the designer Herbert Bayer. Herbert Bayer was the last living member of the art movement Bauhaus. Bauhaus combined fine art and craft with a approach to design. He have done lots work with the Bauhaus publication since he was the art director. Herbert Bayer have lots of other work that […]

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Inspiration:Wim Crouwel

In my first typography class at HFCC I watched the movie Helvetica and it was the first time I got introduce to Wim Crouwel. He is a Dutch designer that is most popular for creating the typeface “New Alphabet”in 1967. “New Alphabet only used horizontal and vertical stroke that liked like something an old computer screen […]

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Historical: Otl Aicher

The typographer I wanted to talk about is Otl Aicher when reading about him he seemed to live a interesting life. He in the second world war fighting against his own briefs and after that he began being a designer opening his own studio taking work from everybody. its pretty cool that he did the […]

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Type Crimes

    Hear are the type crimes I was able to find. The first image I noticed in the middle that of the section that the typefaces are to similar in weight only in point value. The second image of the Mary Kay is the type of being too narrow on the box. And the […]

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Resource: Eric Gill

Hey when I was looking up some research on Eric Gill and I saw that there was a recent article from wired.com http://wired.com. The article is about monotype and they are bringing back Gill Sans in digital form for the “Eric Gill Series”. This series will include 77 fonts and Gill Sans Nova will feature 43 […]

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